Future Labs designs, tests, and partners to scale initiatives related to peacebuilding and international development. We help communities see problems in new ways and solve them collectively by incorporating stakeholder input, empirical research, and thorough evaluation at all stages of the initiative development process.


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Law of the sea

Good project development requires time and attention to truly understand the context, stakeholders, and issues in ways that are fundamentally different from the current landscape of peacebuilding and international development. Future Labs is not afraid to ask whether or not something works, nor are we afraid to answer that question honestly and adapt accordingly.

Future Labs utilizes a deliberate, iterative process to create peacebuilding and development initiatives which achieve measurable results.


Future Labs approaches armed conflict, peace, and development issues through the lens of complex systems. Many of the world’s problems cannot be reduced to simple chains of cause and effect, as systems can have properties that are not present in individual factors.

Complex systems are resistant to the kind of linear planning and short timetables seen in many peacebuilding and international development programs. Sustainable change requires the kind of iterative, systems-level approach used by Future Labs and its partners.

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Creating models for peace

Future Labs designs and tests scalable models so they can be used by larger, more traditional institutions. Future Labs works with communities to articulate and prove these models, lowering the level of risk over time and providing funders and partners with solutions that are ready to scale.


Issue Areas

Peace Accord Implementation

Strategic and inclusive collaboration across all sectors of Colombia’s diverse population is key to sustained peace after decades of civil war, which led Future Labs to develop and launch PASO Colombia. This stakeholder-led initiative works with local communities to identify and develop economic opportunities, spur job growth, strengthen the social fabric of the country, and encourage communities to be accountable for maintaining long-term stability and peace.

nuclear reduction

In collaboration with governments, international organizations, NGOs, universities, and private industry, Future Labs has developed plans to reduce the risks associated with nuclear weapons through innovation, inclusion, and dialogue supported by open-source data. The development of Datayo , a state-of-the-art online tool that finds public and commercial data, fuses it, and translates it into a usable form for everyone, is underway. We expect to officially launch the Open Nuclear Network (ONN) in late 2019.


In partnership with William Ury of the Harvard Negotiation Project, Future Labs developed plans for the eXperimental Negotiation Initiative (xNI) which supports Track 1.5 diplomacy efforts in numerous conflict contexts, such as North Korea and Venezuela. The initiative focuses on identifying what conditions would make negotiation possible by identifying areas for mutual gain, improving communication channels for reducing the risk of violent conflict, and the potential role for third parties (informal and official) in facilitating a resolution.

economic development

Future Labs takes a market-development and capital availing approach to increase access to housing, catalyze investment, increase employment, and foster an ownership culture in the Somali region with heightened consideration for social factors. We anticipate formalizing partnerships and launching a major housing sector initiative in late 2019.

Maritime Awareness

Future Labs is currently piloting a cutting-edge initiative which acts as a dynamic interface to identify, prevent, and respond to the maritime trafficking of goods that fund, supply, or enable violence in conflict-affected areas. If the pilot demonstrates value to our stakeholders, we will pursue formally launching a project in early 2020.

Stategic Advising

Future Labs and the Founder of the Blue Planet Network are leading the establishment of a solutions-driven, civilian network which advises senior decision makers on opportunities to repurpose military budgets in ways that contribute to development and peace, both domestically and abroad. We work with our stakeholders to build strategies and targeted messaging around positive-sum solutions using design thinking, visioning, and other planning methodologies.

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